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Complete Production Library Details:

Stock20's Complete Library Collection includes everything Stock20 has released since it's launch in December 2005. It currently features 173 Song-Themes and 1,923 individual tracks -- totaling nearly over 40 hours of broadcast quality production music. It is shipped on 7 DVDs or 49 Audio CDs, with every selection also available for instant download from the moment your purchase is complete. Total value if purchased individually: $3,460.00

Our library features fresh compositions and real instruments, not recycled music from 1980's "Needledrop Libraries".  Music from the Stock20 library has been featured on national network television, radio, numerous films and documentaries all over the world. Our growing library features a diverse range of genres and styles and every song theme includes alternate versions, alternate lengths and often underscores.

Our standard pricing of $20/song (includes multiple length versions) is unmatched by any library with comparable quality. But when purchased at our standard 85% Complete Library discount the value is indisuptable.  Twice each year, we roll out a short sale and drop the price even further. Offering a big discounts gets us lots of exposure and the chance to meet great new customers. And those great new customers are usually pretty excited about it too.

A Library That Grows With You (85% discount on future releases):

Whenever we release new music, our 85% "Complete Me" discount makes it easy for you to keep your library complete at just $3 a song/theme!  It is a convenient and affordable way to expand your creative options without breaking your budget. You can read more about our "Complete Me" program here.

Unending And Virtually Unlimited License:

We have one of the most flexible licenses in the industry. Pay once, use it on as many of your projects as you want.  Keep using it forever. You can read a copy of our license agreement here.

If you have concerns about infringement claims, take down notices, or the requirements of your duplication source, Stock20 has your back. You'll have automated access to custmoized license documents for any Song-Theme that you have licensed. You can easily prove your rights to use the music you've licensed with ready documentation. Need more help? Just ask. 

Instant Web Access:

We offer affordable options for physcial delivery of your content and we typically process orders within one business day. You will also have the option of instantly accessing any track in the library from Stock20's site. Whenever you purchase a song license, the "purchase button" for that song is instantly replaced by a "download" button. When your collection is "complete", there is no shopping cart, no checkout, no credit cards; just instant music--wherever and whenever you need it.

Unconditional Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

If there is any kind of problem with any Stock20 purchase, we will do whatever we can to make it right. If we can not fix it we will refund your money (even shipping and handling charges). We are a very small company with a very small advertising budget. We value positive relationships with our customers and depend on customer referrals for most of our new business.

Listen Before You Buy:

You can preview everything we've made in it's entirety before you purchase (good quality previews, no watermarks).  Listen straight from our search tools, filtering your selections in a number of ways. Every thing you find via those search tools (on or before the day of your purchase) will be part of your Complete Library. 


Excerpts From Stock20.com Reviews: 

"One thing that was apparent as we browsed through the library, each track, no matter what style, carries a fresh modern sound. Many stock music libraries tend to be outdated and stale, as if someone sifted through a bunch of 70's and 80's B-sides that were discarded and threw them into a library. The music found in the Stock20 library is easily something you might hear on top 40 radio today."

-Brent Holland, Videomaker Magazine

"And the bottom line is:  this is an excellently produced package of real music. Its not artificial fakery and the quality coming through my speakers sing high praise. And finally, the cost is more than reasonable for the size and quality of the package. I think you'll agree."

-Steve Douglas, Ken Stone's Final Cut Pro Site 

"Catchy, non-repetitive and generally smooth, leaving the music breathing space, perfect for most video editors.   ...Each mix in varied length isn't the same as the longer mixes in a shortened version as you'll find in most stock libraries. Each version is distinctively different than its longer or shorter counterpart. The editor in me loved cutting them up and "creating" my own mixes. The musician in me appreciated other aspects of the libraries."

"Instruments on the discs run the gamut. No cheesy electric piano in these mixes, these are either very tricked out piano samples such as the Holy Grail library (famous among piano players) or a real grand with sweet room acoustics. Acoustic guitars and electric guitars are noticeably real. While the library demonstrates solid musicianship, there are no "grandstanding" moments where the guitar player seems to want to fill in the space at every turnaround and that is tremendously appreciated. I was struggling to decide about the violins in the "Summer Dream" cut, as they sound like a blend of real and synth'd violins, which means in any case, they sound very good."

-Douglas Spotted Eagle (Award Winning Producer, Director, Editor, & Educator)

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