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excerpts from: "A Cut Above The Rest: Stock20"
A Review by Award Winning Composer/Producer/Author, Douglas Spotted Eagle

It's rare that I'll review a stock music library, and even more rare that I'd have great things to say about stock music. In fact, this is the first time I've ever wanted to say anything good about cheap stock music at all...

The songs are clever. A couple of them are seriously commercial in terms of being comparable to what one hears on the radio today. Some of the wedding compositions are emotive, yet a couple of them are a bit trite and similar to some of the piano music you'd expect to hear. The songs themselves are fresh, and the mixes are overall excellent, I'm just not a big fan of piano-driven music outside of certain artists. That said, if you're editing a wedding video, you'll probably appreciate these songs and the way they build. Songs like "Daddy's Girl" have a special quality to them. The songs are quite melodic in most instances, but they're not melodies that stick in your head and leave you wishing you could shake them loose. Catchy, non-repetitive, and generally smooth, leaving the music breathing space, perfect for most video editors.

...Each mix in varied length isn't the same as the longer mixes in a shortened version as you'll find in most stock libraries. Each version is distinctively different than its longer or shorter counterpart. The editor in me loved cutting them up and "creating" my own mixes. The musician in me appreciated other aspects of the libraries.

Instruments on the discs run the gamut. No cheesy electric piano in these mixes, these are either very tricked out piano samples such as the Holy Grail library (famous among piano players) or a real grand with sweet room acoustics. Acoustic guitars and electric guitars are noticeably real. While the library demonstrates solid musicianship, there are no "grandstanding" moments where the guitar player seems to want to fill in the space at every turnaround and that is tremendously appreciated. I was struggling to decide about the violins in the "Summer Dream" cut, as they sound like a blend of real and synth'd violins, which means in any case, they sound very good.

The library discs are fairly evenly divided between tempos. About half the library is uptempo, with the other half being a mix of romance, playful/gentle, smooth jazz, piano, and world beat. I particularly liked "Urbanix" and "Metallicated" in the upbeat choices. "Perfect Moments," and "Sunday Morning" are both very evocative pieces of work that with some massaging and vocals could quite easily be Adult Contemporary radio cuts.

...see the whole review here.


Magazine Review
Brent Holland, March 2007 (Excerpt from Page 2)
The music found in the Stock20 library is easily something you might hear on top 40 radio today. For example, "Runway", a techno sounding track moves along with a steady beat and would go perfect as a music bed for an industrial training video. Whereas "Adeline", a soft piano driven ballad, carries an emotional tone, and would fit perfectly in a wedding production, or even a documentary where you would need to emphasize an emotional moment.

"Gold Medal" an alternative, progressive rock tune reminds me of something we might hear from Nickleback or The Fray, and could easily work as a commercial's theme music or a compilation video highlighting success.  Each track is unique, catchy and melodic, and completely different from the next. 

[note: this review was written when the stock20 library was much smaller (37 song-themes instead of the current 141)

...see this review in its entirety by clicking here.

Ken Stone's Final Cut Pro Website

"And the bottom line is...... this is an excellently produced package of real music. Its not artificial fakery and the quality coming through my speakers sing high praise. And finally, the cost is more than reasonable for the size and quality of the package. I think you'll agree."

An excerpt from a review from Steve Douglas published by Ken Stone's Final Cut Pro website.


Unsolicited Customer Comments:

Thanks for providing such high-end production music at an affordable price. I'll be back.
Jeff Jones (Colorado Springs, CO)

Very reasonable prices. Great selection. Easy to use your website. Thanks.
Mark Nakamura (San Luis Obispo, CA)

No synthetic music here! Easy to use interface, simplistic billing and great customer attention make Stock20 the choice of the Gemini Production Group. But that's not the best part, big budget sound without any high expenses or membership fees, and you don't need to purchase alternative cuts. Sound big; pay little! Stock20 has truly transformed the way we approach the editing process.
Matthew Pessoni (Gemini Production Group)

I am thrilled to have discovered your website! Awesome music at affordable prices! This is the best site I have found in a long time! Keep up the great work!
Geri Anderson (St. Louis MO)

As a veteran of over 2000 productions which I've created in over 30 years in this business, working at every level from wedding videos to The Backstreet Boys at their peak of success, and speaking as a national Addy Award winner, I would tell anyone interested that this is the kind of stock music service this industry has long needed. You provide an excellent choice of reasonably priced tracks, appropriate to every need, that are well labeled and catalogued for excellent ease of selection. To borrow a well known phrase, "Nobody does it better."   
Rick Namey (Maitland, FL)

I do a lot of research before buying anything online and Stock20.com has become my only place to buy royalty free music.  The prices are extremely reasonable, the quality of the music is excellent, and it was so easy to sample all the songs and make my selections.
Lisa Spencer (Woburn, MA)

Wow! You guys are so convenient. I'm in a hotel room, on the road between shoots and it's so cool to be able to download professional, custom sounding music to fit projects that I can edit on my laptop. I'll have this job done and edited by the end of the week. You're definitely using technology to its fullest extent. Thanks Stock20!   
Angel Rosado (Colorado Springs, CO)

I *love* being able to come to your site and find exactly what I need, when I need it! You've got an awesome thing here...keep up the good work!  
Melanie Morrissey (Georgetown, TX)

Well organized music search, nice selection. Will be back.  
Michael Veronneau (British Columbia, Canada)

Ya'll ROCK!!
Stephanie Cain (Lampasas, TX)

Finding the perfect piece for my project was a breeze. However, with so much to choose from, it was easy to get distracted thinking of all the possibilities!  Stock20 is fast, reliable and affordable. I'll be back for sure!   
Carly Bugeja (Sydney, Australia)

Still the best deal in the Country. Thanks!
John Miller (Huntington, West Virginia)

Thanks for great music at a great price! We will be buying much more from you all in the feature. Keep it coming!
Matthew Rogers (Knoxville TN)

Everything about your site is awesome! Ease of playing songs, quality of songs, depth of song list, number of song lengths, purchase price per song, ease of site navigation, purchasing experience, etc...Fantastic!
Anthony Newman (Vista, CA)

You guys are AWESOME!
Sara Schultz (Pascagoula, MS)

As the producer of inspirational DVDs , I have found Stock20 to be a real find. I needed music that would appeal to a wide range of people, and I found a variety of choices in Stock20's full collection, which I bought last year. As I've been showing my DVDs with folks, I often get comments like: "Great music, really set the mood." "What was that music. It really enhanced your presentation."  As a producer, I also find the wide range of clip lengths provided by Stock20 very helpful in my timing chores. And from a business standpoint, I've found the folks at Stock20 are great to work with.
Len Sroka (Rochester, NY)

Fabulous music, thanks!
Leonie Mostert (Minneapolis, MN)

Excellent music! Terrific price! Keep'em coming!
Warren Willis (Las Vegas, NV)

I love this music and the price! You also answered many questions I had about legalities. I am so excited I found you!   
Deborah Fischer (Saxonburg, PA)

You are a lifesaver or should I say "profit-saver"! Thanks for keeping the prices reasonable. I have a small photography business and I love getting quality royalty free music for a great price!
Michelle Garcia (Yale, MI)

You ROCK. Keep on keeping on, this is the best royalty free site I've found yet !
Jason Lange (Boulder, CO)

I really do enjoy the music, and so do my clients.  The Little Star Remix, in particular, is surefire tear-jerker when added to young children's and baby's portraits.  Your music added to our portraits on DVD slide shows for presentation has definitely added to our bottom line.   
Kristine (Lang Concord, OH)

Great music! I've looked for a long time and I've heard so much music that my ears were confused. As soon as I clicked the link to this site and heard the music, all of the confusion was gone and I knew I had found what I had been searching for! Thanks!   
Stephanie Rudolph (New Port Richey, FL)

Your website is great! I was given your website name at a photographer's conference. Your music is great; there's a good variety, reasonable pricing and very easy to download and use! I'll shop here again!   
Susan Ranta (Lincoln, NE)

Love the music selection that you offer and for the price. The best part is it's high quality and plays beautifully. Thanks Stock20 ...keep them coming.   
Paula Swift (Farmingham, MA)

Do I ever love you people and your music...I can't even begin to express my appreciation. Thank you will never be enough, but it will have to do for now...   
Mari Bushman (Sun River, MT)

Wow! Love your site! Will be a long life friend! Thanks!   
Pat Fidler (Defuniak Springs, FL)

You guys frikking rock! I will continue to use you for all of our workshop videos!   
Nick Haskins (St. Petersburg, FL)

Kudos to everyone who composes and performs the music. And thank you for making it affordable!   
Kristine Lang (Concord, OH)

Thank you very much for making possible a license like this.   
Ryan Lonac (Loma Linda, CA)

I have been searching for the perfect music for my slide shows. Your selections are great! I can't wait for more releases. Thank you so much!   
Jill Stewart (Spanish Fort, AL)

You have a great site and a great product. It was so nice to be able to listen to the full recording of the selections without that intermittent voice. That really helps in making a decision. Especially when you are trying to visualize and concentrate on how the piece matches up with what you are using it for. I spent hours checking out other royalty free sites and I have to say that the quality of your music is far and away the best. And I was thrilled with your price. I will definitely be back for more selections.   
Mickie Stanton (Cypress, TX)

Great music! Quality surpasses some of the other sites that I have visited. Keep up the good work   
Stewart Lewis (Aurora, IL)

Stock20 is the FIRST place I look when I want music for my projects. You have such great music and a super easy download system. I look forward to buying many more tunes! Thanks again!  
R. Pryor (Lake Forest, CA)

Keep up the rockin' work. I'm in it for speed. Honestly, if you hadn't already suggested music scores by use (weddings, kids, etc) I would have quickly jumped to another website. So thanks! You have my business!
Jennifer Cook (Canton, MI)

I love this place......keep adding to the library and it won't be long until ALL photographers are coming to you for their music!  
Holley Washington (Billings, MT)

I have stayed up until midnight or later every night for several nights nearly gagging every time I hit a preview button on other royalty free sites until....last night about 11:30, I found this refreshing website called stock20.com, beautiful music; and oh, so reasonable prices. Thanks for keeping it real and beautiful!
Sherry Simone (Powell, OH)

I just love this site! Your prices are very agreeable and your music is great! I love your license agreement as well. I feel like I have flexibility. The best part of your business is the ease of use of your website. I was able to shop and listen with great ease and that is greatly appreciated from someone with two little rugrats running around.
Laurie Pipgras (Washburn, WI)

I must say, I love the music you have available. I am a wedding photographer and I am always looking for new beautiful music to play in slide shows. Your music takes me away.
Daryn Backal (Victor NY)

Very talented musicians. I like that you are creating actual pieces of music not just a bunch of sounds put together.   
Deb Wat (Concord, CA)

This website is almost too good to be true!! Excellent selection and at such a great price! I will definitely be coming back again and again!
Tamy (Albany, GA)

I love this site I will be back monthly to look for your new stuff.
Sonya (Boynton Beach, FL)

Love the site and the music! Thanks for creating a low cost alternative with great music selections.
Theresa (Acworth, GA)

This is wonderful. Looking forward to more great selections.
Melanie (Waukesha, WI)

Awesome stuff! Thanks for the service :)
Teri (Hutto, TX)

Your music sounds wonderful and it is reasonably priced. Thank you!
Kathryn (Hays, KS)

Great concept and great tunes. I'll be using Stock 20 for as many of my clients projects as I can.
Andrew (Queensland, Australia)

THANK YOU for finally giving us what we need!! Multiple format, multiple length tracks, affordability!!
Amber (Texas)

I enjoyed your site. Easy to use. Like the fact that I can listen to entire arrangement. Very important in creating the proper mood. Keep up the good work!
Freda (Ore City, TX)

This is a very cool way to buy production music. Thanks.
Roland (Buchanan, MI)

Keep up the good work. I hope you guys are very successful!
Kade (Fairbanks, AK)