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Other places to find good Royalty Free Music
Resources for Videographers
Resources for Photographers
Resources for Podcasters and Vloggers
Resources for Pirates and Ninjas
Resources for Understanding Copyright Law and/or using Mainstream Music
General Marketing and Business Information

Other places to find good Royalty Free Music
   www.musicbakery.com - These guys have been in the business a long time, and make good music.
   www.studiocutz.com - Good sound, good selection.
   www.productiontrax.com - Very large library. Supports independent artists. Drawback. Some of the tracks aren't great quality.
   www.smartsound.com - Unique proprietary software allows you to customize the length and mood of your soundtracks.
   www.sounddogs.com - Industry standard for instantly downloading sound effects. some music too.
   www.beatsuite.com - Royalty Free Production Music Library with high-quality music tracks, music loops and sounds for the multimedia, broadcast and computer games industry. Instant Preview, Purchase, Download. Our friends in the UK with a nice site, and some quality tracks.
   www.royaltyfreeclassicalmusic.co.uk - Royalty Free Classical Music library offering Classical compilations, full tracks and loops with high quality previews and instant download MP3 or WAV
   Zenhiser - Exclusive Pro Audio Download Packs & Sample CDs
Specializing in Pro Audio Download Packs and Sample Cds. Drum Loops, Beats, Drum Kits, Drum Hits, Music Loops, Synth Hits and so much more. Try our free samples first. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

Resources for Videographers
Here are some great online communities for video professionals. Forging connections with other professionals gives you a support network, a larger base of resources, and the opportunity to help others as well.
   Equinox Sounds - Developers of loop/phrase sound libraries for the most popular music creation software applications and contemporary royalty free music for multimedia use.
   www.creativecow.net - great information for creative professionals of all kinds
   www.videouniversity.com - also provides some great products and educational services for event and wedding videographers
   www.videobusinessadvisor.com - Steve Yankee's Online community (subscription based) focused on marketing strategies, tips, and resources. Also a great community of helpful professionals.
   www.wrigleyvideo.com/videotutorial - Free Tutorials on using Adobe Premiere, Encore, and Audition.
Educational Resources:
- Wedding and Event Videographers Association
   www.4evergroup.org - Also for Videographers
Current Events/Industry News Publications:
Good Place to find Production Jobs:
   www.craigslist.org - A good place to find paying gigs: Find your city (or one nearby) and then look under Jobs: film/television.
Free Newsletters:
   www.videobusinessadvisor.com/video_newsletter.html - VBA: Free tips and tricks
   www.edgewise-media.com - Edgewise Newsletter (you can sign up on the main page)

Resources for Photographers
   www.ppa.com - Professional Photographers of America
   www.thephotoedge.com - A Great Tool For Portrait Photographers
   ilp.tlcwe.com/forums - I Love Photography Forum
   www.prophotogs.com - Another Great Forum
Websites for photographers and the creative professionals in all industries.
$600.00 - $800.00
Where elegance meets simplicity. You have complete control of changing all images, text, colors, button names and music.

Resources for Podcasters and Vloggers

Resources for Pirates and Ninjas

Resources for Understanding Copyright Law and/or using Mainstream Music
   www.videouniversity.com/copyright.htm - This is a recommended starting point. This is a very thorough and helpful article by expert: Douglass Spotted Eagle. (hosted by a great website)
   copyright.gov - Information From the Government. This website gives you the law straight from the source, but it's not easy reading...
   harryfox.com/index.jsp - The Harry Fox Agency is one of the best resources for obtaining license to music you wish to use (that isn't your own property) ...But it won't be cheap, and unfortunately, the "big guys" are not often interested in working out a license deal for a "small production". You will find that some of the smaller companies will work with you (with very reasonable prices). Just make sure you are getting *all* the licenses you need. These may include (but are not limited to) synchronization, mechanical, master-use.
   www.harryfox.com/public/infoFAQDefinitions.jsp - Here you will find some Terms/Definitions/Facts (thorough but wordy) This will educate you further on the nuances of music licensing.
   www.pdinfo.com - Offers some resources that may help you find music that is in the "Public Domain." But be careful. Just because an original work is in the public domain, does not mean that a more current arraignment, performance, or recording is public domain. Also, if your project has an international market, make sure you understand the laws outside of the US. The copyright law abroad does not always recognize the American standard for "public domain."

General Marketing and Business Information


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